Jacob Webb
Graphic Design


We Light the Way

We Light the Way is a series of four posters celebrating the Shipping Forecasts 150th birthday. The Shipping Forecast is a British institution and radio broadcast that has been running since 1911. It informs ships around the coasts of the UK, Ireland and northern Europe of the weather that is expected at sea. This allows ships to make an informed decision as to whether they wish to traverse the rough weather, or postpone.

We Light the Way 1
We Light the Way 2
We Light the Way 3
We Light the Way 4


There are four different colour variations of the design; full colour, black, white and blue. Each reflects the vastness and emptiness of the wide-open seas. I wanted the overall design to promote the importance the Shipping Forecast has had on British maritime culture and to signify the reliance sailors used to have for it and trust they placed in it. To further emphasise this, hidden within the design is the north star constellation. Imagery which is commonly associated as being something to follow and use as a tool for navigation.