Jacob Webb
Graphic Design


24 Hour Tube Campaign

In 2016, certain lines on the London Underground went 24 hours. This was the first time in history a service like this in London had been introduced. I have always been an admirer of Transport for London’s branding and promotional material. Subsequently, I decided to try and recreate their design style in the form of a promotional campaign to celebrate this new service.

The first design is primarily vector based, is bright, and signifies a problem most people on a night out in London run into – the mass consumption of alcohol. This naturally leads to a lack of time awareness which in-turn leads to missing the last train. The second is a simple concept and includes the logo of London Underground acting as if it were a 24-hour clock.

Tube Campaign 1
Tube Campaign 2

The final design includes connotations to the commonly viewed sight of a neon-lit 24-hour sign found outside of many corner shops, bars and nightclubs.

Tube Campaign 3