Jacob Webb
Graphic Design


Tactile Poster

We as graphic designers design almost exclusively for the visual, meaning that often, blind people are excluded from comprehending our design. I wanted to challenge this concept, to flip the traditional idea of graphic design around and create a poster is that it is exclusively for blind and partially sighted braille readers.

The poster not only includes braille but contains three specific tactile elements that pertain to each paragraph. These images are simple so they can hopefully be read and comprehended by the reader through touch alone.

Tactile Poster 1
Tactile Poster 2
Tactile Poster 3
Tactile Poster 4
Tactile Poster 5
Tactile Poster 6


“For a sighted person, most forms of visual communication are not generally difficult to comprehend. However, virtually every piece of visual communication produced do not take blind or partially sighted people into account. Most products, advertisements, signposts, maps and many more do not include tactile braille meaning that they are virtually inaccessible to those who are blind or partially sighted without the assistance of a sighted person.”

“Understanding visual communication is such a vital and necessary part of operating in modern society. How are you as a blind or partially sighted person supposed to comprehend what the product in your hand is without prior knowledge of its shape and texture? How are you supposed to choose the correct bathroom if there is not a sighted person nearby to assist you or make sense of a navigational signpost? There is a simple fix to this and that is to begin including braille alongside all forms of visual communication.”

“We need to change our way of thinking, to place both visual and tactile communication on equal terms. It is unfair to expect blind or partially sighted people to accept this oversight on the part of the government, local authorities, companies and organisations. Let us make all communication accessible with braille so that nobody is needlessly excluded anymore.”