Jacob Webb
Graphic Design


Concentrated Spaces, Interesting Places

Concentrated Spaces, Interesting Places is a project involving the exploration of story and narrative. I wanted to find a story in the public space, something which hadn’t been told before. A story can be represented through many different lights, be it written, filmed or spoken. But what really constitutes a story? Who is to say that something can be a story and something else can’t? To this end, I wanted to try and break the norm of identifying a conventional story, documenting it and conveying it through words and design. Instead of trying to find a story, I wanted the city of Bristol to me to tell me a story.

I recorded three locations in Bristol, each over the course of an hour to find out what made them tick. What are the types of people that pass through this area? Which directions are they going in and why? What do they interactive with when passing through this location, if anything? The results were interesting and have allowed me to obtain a greater understanding of each location. To me, it was as if each spot had its own story to tell, its own overarching theme and character.

Concentrated Spaces 1
Concentrated Spaces 2
Concentrated Spaces 3

To display my findings, I produced a series of handmade wooden photo frames.

Concentrated Spaces 4

Accompanying Publication

To accompany the photo frames, I produced a small publication describing the project and each location in depth. Included is a description of the location, the most common directions of movement, the most common types of people and the amount of people passing by within an hour’s timeframe.

Exotic Narcotics 4
Exotic Narcotics 5
Exotic Narcotics 6
Exotic Narcotics 7
Exotic Narcotics 8
Exotic Narcotics 9