Jacob Webb
Graphic Design


A Celebration of James Biggs

To begin the exploration of my FMP, I began by researching the history of blind and deafness in Bristol - the city I resided in at the time. I discovered that the white walking cane used by blind people was actually invented in Bristol itself by a photographer named James Biggs in the early 20th century.

Biggs was accidently blinded, presumably through the use of chemicals he used to develop photographs. He struggled to cope with his new affliction, especially since nobody was aware of his blindness when he was trying to navigate his way through the busy streets. To combat this problem, he painted his cane white so that other pedestrians and cars would be more likely to notice him. The story is convoluted past this point, but, it’s generally believed that this is the origin of the white cane used by blind people world wide.

Celebration of James Biggs 1
Celebration of James Biggs 2
Celebration of James Biggs 3
Celebration of James Biggs 4


Each poster conforms to W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines meaning text is spaced appropriately and the imagery used isn’t too complex. The white cane is featured on each individual poster, incorporated as part of the feature of a larger illustration with each being related to its appropriate slogan. Colours have been chosen specifically so that they contrast appropriately against the white text.